I Love to Laugh

I love a good laugh, don’t you? It’s good for the soul to laugh, and even better to share that laugh with a special someone or with lots of people. And now, on the other side of an embarrassing fall I took a few years ago, I find I can easily crack myself up as I remember how I must have looked to my sister, who witnessed my fall. While I may have hurt my elbow – and my pride – I did manage to save my cup of coffee, which for me is its' own food group!

When I can share a good laugh with a child or group of children, through a picture book it is so much fun! That’s what I found with Ross Burach’s, “The Little Butterfly That Could.” It’s written to encourage the reader to use different voices for the butterfly and his friend, the whale. So the more you ham it up, the better the kids love it and everyone ends up laughing. What a magical sound that is with children! Oh! And there is a subtle science lesson hidden beneath all the great illustrations and clever text. The reader learns about butterfly migration.  

If you’re looking for a good laugh to start – or end – your day, turn to one of Ross Burach’s books and you will find it.  

Book Connection: The Little Butterfly That Could by Ross Burach (also from the author, The Very Impatient Caterpillar, Goodnight Butterfly, and Make Way for Butterfly)

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