Our Mostly Good Doggo

I gravitate to picture books about dogs – I find them irresistible! The dogs are adorable, the situations are relatable, and the illustrations melt my heart over and over again. Studies show that petting a dog reduces stress, blood pressure and loneliness plus it boosts your mood. How wonderful! Our first dog, Vita, was a princess, a lady, a little Norfolk terrier with a big personality. We loved her fiercely until her last breath at age 14. Our second dog, Guinness, is a rescue from the streets. He was just a puppy, shivering in the cold rain in front of a shop when his rescuers took him in. A classic black shaggy dog, he is the opposite of Vita and we love him just as fiercely! We call him our mostly good dog. He cowers from rain and thunder, he shies from any loud noises, he barks at everything until he feels safe. But what a love he is! He is a cuddler, he loves to play fetch, he loves his walks, and he definitely loves his humans. He shows his gratitude every day for having a safe, warm place to sleep and reliable meals.

Forever Home, a wordless picture book by Henry Cole, captures the love and compassion for animals so beautifully. A young boy really wants a dog. His parents feel he has to demonstrate responsibility to handle a pet. You will be caught up in the story as the boy makes a connection with a stray puppy. Will they become a family? What’s so wonderful about a wordless picture book is you, the reader, can tell the story based on how you see the pictures. It makes for a strong connection with a child when they have an active part in telling the story. It provides a firm foundation for reading down the road. Combine that with all the love that radiates from the pages and you are sure to feel your own heart squeeze.

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