Planting a Seed

When you plant a seed, something magical happens: it grows! The seed gets the nourishment it needs from the soil and sun to burst from its seed coat, lengthen its roots and stretch toward the sun. In the interactive board book, Plant the Tiny Seed, by Christie Matheson, little fingers are encouraged to tap, touch, point and jiggle through the book to help “plant” the seed. What a wonderful way to teach our youngest readers about nature and to just have fun together reading a book.

And parents/caregivers/grown-ups, how often do we think about what seeds we plant every day in our children’s lives? Have you planted a seed of kindness with your child or a friend? You can start by offering a warm smile when you make eye contact with someone – that can be a seed to start someone’s day off right. As you go about your day, think of ways you can plant seeds of kindness along your path – magic is sure to happen!


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